• The doctor may sometimes request investigations such as blood or urine testing to help in making a diagnosis, to monitor treatment or to assess health status and risk.
  • Please feel free to speak to the doctor if you have any questions about investigations that are planned.
  • Fasting Blood Tests – If you have been asked to fast, eat and drink nothing from 10pm the night before, have a glass of water on the morning of the test and make sure that you have booked an early appointment.


The results of blood and urine tests are usually available after
4.00 p.m., at least five working days after the specimen was taken.  Please note that many tests do take longer.  The reception are able to advise you of the result of most of your tests once received from the hospital but it is the doctor’s responsibility to ensure all your tests are reported and it is our policy to advise you of any significant abnormal results.

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Last updated: 19/05/2011