The Mercury Clinic

Sexual health screening at the University Medical Centre
The consultation

The Nurse will ask you about your medical history, sexual partners, allergies, and then discuss the most appropriate tests, examination and treatment for you.

We can diagnose some conditions on the day but all samples are sent to the main laboratory for further testing. Results can take up to two weeks to return.

We, at the University Medical Centre provide confidential service to all our patients. Your consultation at the Mercury Clinic will be entered into your primary care records to ensure continuity of care.

If you have any worries about confidentiality please feel free to ask a member of staff.


During your consultation with the nurse you may need a genital examination. If you would like a chaperone present and one has not been offered, please ask. If you have a friend with you and would like them to be present to give you support, please discuss this with the nurse.


Last updated: 19/11/2010