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Finding journal articles

Databases help you find journal articles and other relevant material for your essays or research. Some services find data on specific disciplines or subject areas, others index only certain types of publications.

Databases usually give you the reference only, but many work with the 360 Link service to provide links to the full text where this is available at Kent.

Below is a selection of the most useful Databases for Medieval and Early Modern Studies.

Databases for Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Database Description
Historical Abstractsmaterial covering 1450-
International Medieval Bibliographymaterial covering c 450-1500
Bibliography of British and Irish History
(hosted by Brepolis)
When the '360 Link' icon appears next to books in the results, please ignore it, as 360 Link only looks up journal articles, not books. The supplier is unable to turn off the 360 Link icon for books. Please search the Library catalogue to check if the book is available.
Bibliographic data on British and Irish history and relations with the Empire and the Commonwealth, from 55 BC to the present.

This database has superseded the Royal Historical Society Bibliography, which has ceased to be a free resource.
Bibliography of the History of Art (access via Getty Institute website)
Annual Bulletin of Historical Literature (print only) ZD 1.A6
Princeton Index to Christian Art
MLA bibliography

There is a choice of interface between Literature Resource Center or InfoTrac
Modern Language Association index to material on languages, literatures and linguistics published since 1963.
Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature (ABELL) - part of Literature Online ABELL lists articles, books and reviews concerning English language and literature published worldwide from 1920 onwards
Religious and theological abstractsindex to articles on theology and religion 1957-




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Indexing databases list what is available globally, and not all items may be available at Kent. If an item you want to see does not have a link to the full text, search for the item via the Library catalogue (choose 'Journal search') or the journals database.

If the item is not available at Kent, the document delivery service may be able to get it for you from another library.

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