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Although the main Italian section is housed on Level 2 East at the PN classmark, there are a number of other areas which will also be of interest. The list below gives a brief guide to the main areas:

Journals are shelved near the books of the same subject but on separate shelving with green shelf labels - look out for the green areas on the Library maps.

Main subject areas for Italian

Classmark Subject area Location
BB-BD Philosophy Level 4 West
BH 1-301 Aesthetics Level 4 West
DG History of Italy Level 4 East
J Politics Level 3 West
KW European Documentation Centre Level 3 West
P Philology, linguistics, semiotics Level 2 East
PN Italian language and literature Level 2 East
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The Big Move

The Library is changing its classmarks to standard Library of Congress classification. This means books may move and some titles may be temporarily shelved in more than one place.

Always look up the classmark of the book on the Library catalogue. If you can't find it on the shelf, ask a member of staff for help.



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Not on the shelf

Ask at the IT & Library Support Desk desk for help, but first you could try these tips.

Not in the Main Collection

The Location/Loan type field in catalogue search results tells you in which collection an item is held. See the locations and loan types page for information on how to get hold of an item.

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Last Updated: 07/12/2012