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Finding journal articles

Databases help you find journal articles and other relevant material for your essays or research. Some services find data on specific disciplines or subject areas, others index only certain types of publications.

bibliographic databases usually give you the reference only, but many work with the 360 Link service to provide links to the full text where this is available at Kent.

Below is a selection of the most useful databases for Classical Studies.

Databases for Classical Studies

L'anneé philologique The most comprehensive index to scholarly work in Classical Studies, covering journal articles, books, and conference proceedings from 1924- until two years ago.
International Medieval Bibliography Index to journals on the European Middle Ages (ca 450-1500), 1980-
Web of Science (WoS), part of Web of Knowledge Indexes over 8,000 journals across all subjects and starts coverage in 1970. The index is divided into 3 sections, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences. Web of Science is a citation index as well as a bibliographic index.
Zetoc Online Current awareness service from the British Library. The service includes searchable details of 20,000 journal titles and 16,000 conference proceedings covering all subject areas from 1993 onwards. Personal current awareness services based on table of contents information from individually selected journal titles are also available.




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Indexing databases list what is available globally, and not all items may be available at Kent. If an item you want to see does not have a link to the full text, search for the item via the Library catalogue (choose 'Journal search') or the journals database.

If the item is not available at Kent, the document delivery service may be able to get it for you from another library.

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