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John Wightman

Senior Lecturer in Law

Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences

Following a six-year stint as Head of the Law School, I am currently working as Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences. 

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Book Sections

    Wightman, John and Jackson, Nick (2003) Spatial Dimensions of Private Law. In: Holder, Jane and Harrison, Carolyn Current Legal Issues 2002: Law and Geography. Current legal Issues. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 35-64. ISBN 0199260745.

    Wightman, John (2003) Beyond Custom: Contract, Contexts, and the Recognition of Implicit Understandings. In: Campbell, David and Collins, Hugh and Wightman, John Implicit Dimensions of Contract. International Studies in the Theory of Private Law. Hart Publishing, Oxford, pp. 143-186. ISBN 1841133493.

    McGillivray, Donald and Wightman, John (1997) 'Private Rights, Public Interests and the Environment. In: Hayward, T. and O'Neill, J. Justice, Property and the Environment: Social and Legal Perspectives. Ashgate, Aldershot, pp. 144-160. ISBN 1859725295.


    This work considers questions about justice raised by environmental crises, the ramifications environmental conflicts have for the political theory of property and markets, and the implications of developments of environmental law.

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My research interests lie primarily in the areas of theory, history, and empirical work relating to private law, especially tort and contract.  Projects I am working on include unconscionability and relational contract theory, and the basis of the liability of public bodies. 

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