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Anne Bottomley

Reader in Law and Property

Kent Law School


Anne is currently focused on property practices in relation to urban planning and architecture - drawing from Deleuze and theoretical perspectives emerging in anthropology and social theory. Anne has continuing interest in debates surrounding theoretical perspectives within feminism.

Major Research Projects

  • Completing a book (with Nathan Moore of Birkbeck) entitled 'City, Cinema, Control'.
  • Working on the development of garden cities -presently focused on co-operative housing schemes and utopian projects. Presently a series of papers - this will be brought together as a book.
  • Bringing together materials for a socio-legal text on a relational approach to property.
  • Working with others, including anthroplogists, on property as a mobile concept (this informs the two property projects above)

Research Areas: Gender and Sexuality, Law Politics and Culture, Legal Theories and Philosophy, Property Law

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Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository

Bottomley, A. and Moore, N. (2013). Matters of ownership: a 'people's port' for Dover? Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly 64:365-382.
Bottomley, A. and Moore, N. (2012). Law, Diagram, Film: Critique Exhausted. Law and Critique [Online] 23:163-182.
Bottomley, A. (2010). Lines of Vision, Lines of Flight: Belly of an Architect. Cardozo Law Review [Online] 31:1055.
Bottomley, A. and Moore, N. (2008). Blind Stuttering: Diagrammatic City. Griffith Law Review 17:559-576.
Book section
Bottomley, A. (2009). They shall be simple in their homes..the many dimensions of co-operative housing . in: Bottomley, A. and Wong, S. eds. Changing Contours of Domestic Life, Family and Law: Caring and Sharing. Oxford : Hart, pp. 49-66.
Edited book
Bottomley, A. and Wong, S. eds. (2009). Changing Contours of Domestic Life, Family and Law: Caring and Sharing. Oxford: Hart Publishing.
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Undergraduate modules

  • Foundations of Property (LW316)
  • Property Law (LW501)
  • Trusts (LW513)
  • Law and Literature (LW581)


In the subjects in which Anne teaches and also her own research interests - including film.

Currently Supervising:

  • L Barnes: PhD "The dynamic of law's performance"
  • K Hussain: LLM "The changing face of the South Asian diaspora in Britain and the influence of bollywood film and copyright law"
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Editorial Work

Feminist Legal Studies.


Co-convenor of LAD (Law Anthropology Dialogues) - a joint seminars series with the department of Anthropology

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