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Printing from a student or staff PC

Documents are sent to the nearest black and white printer and are double-sided. To choose single-sided: from the print dialog box, under Settings select Print One Sided; or look under Properties or Preferences. In the Drill Hall Library you can choose the single sided version of any printer; for example select BW08 rather than BW08_Double-sided.

Choosing a different printer

You can choose to use a different printer from a student PC. Find out the name of the printer you need (some offer different formats and sizes). Either send your document to a printer using Web print, or 'Add the printer' to the PC:

Student printers: names, location, format (eg, colour, A3)

Most Canterbury printers are on \\\

Templeman Library

Printers are double-sided by default, except cafe1-a3paper

Location on campus Network location & printer name Format Web-based printing
Level 1 Centre \\\cafe1 b/w, A4 Yes
\\\cafe1-a3paper b/w, A3 Yes
\\\cafe2 b/w, A4 Yes
Level 2 Centre \\\gill4 b/w, A4 Yes
  \\\gill4-a3 b/w, A3 Yes
Level 2 East \\\Gill1 b/w, A4 Yes
\\\gill2 b/w, A4 Yes
\\\gill3 b/w, A4 Yes
\\\colour2-A4 colour A4 Yes
\\\colour2-A3 colour A3 Yes
Level 3 East \\\turner b/w, A4 Yes
\\\turner2 b/w, A4 Yes
\\\turner3 b/w, A4 Yes
\\\turner3-yellow b/w, A4 on yellow paper Yes
\\\colour3-A4 colour A4 Yes
\\\colour3-A3 colour A3 Yes
Level 3 TR301 \\\turner2
(printer is located in Level 3 East)
b/w, A4 Yes
Level 4 East \\\quarto b/w, A4 Yes
\\\quarto2 b/w, A4 Yes
\\\colour4 colour A4 Yes

Senate building, Canterbury campus

Location on campus Network location & printer name Format Web-based printing
Senate Chamber \\printserver2\dpsenate b/w, A4 Yes


Canterbury campus: colleges and other buildings

Printers provide black and white A4 printing and can be used by all students. They can all print double-sided. Printer dpwoolf-colour in Woolf College provides colour printing.

Building Room/area Network location & printer name Web print service?
Cornwallis South CC01 and CC04 \\\dpcc01and04 Yes
CC02 \\\dpcc02 Yes
CC03 \\\dpcc03 Yes
SE104 \\\roman Yes
Darwin College A3.7 Computing Room 1 \\\dpdca Yes
A4.2 Computing Room 3 \\\dpdcb Yes
Eliot College 4th Floor Study \\\dpecb  
Computer Room 2 \\\dpeca Yes
Keynes College N1-4 Computer Room 1 \\\dpkca Yes
NG-4 Computer Room 2 \\\dpkcb Yes
Rutherford College Rutherford study hub (formerly the bar) \\\dprcc Yes
S4-1 Computer Room 1 \\\dprcb Yes
S4-6 Computer Room 2 \\\dprca Yes
Tyler Court A Downstairs lobby \\\dptyler Yes
Woolf College Common Room \\\dpwoolf Yes
\\\dpwoolf-colour Yes
Kent Research and Development Centre Room 108 \\\dpkrdc  
Park Wood study hub   \\\dppwr Yes
Nickle Court   \\\dpnickle Yes

Medway campus: black and white A4 printers

Most Medway printers are on \\\

Location on campus Network location & printer name Notes Web print service?
Drill Hall Library, main area \\\BW01 can print double-sided  
\\\BW13 Yes
Medway building, open access M0-27 \\\stu-floor0    
Medway building, teaching room M2-03 \\\stu-floor2   Yes
Gillingham Building, 4th floor, room G4.12 \\\stu-gill-floor4    
Gillingham Building, 4th floor, corridor \\\Vila Can print double-sided; can staple Yes
Gillingham Building, 4th floor, room G4.05 \\\avon Can print double-sided  
Gillingham Building, 4th floor, room G4.04 \\\gan    

Medway campus: colour A4 printers

Not available via the Web Print Service:

Location on campus Network location & printer name Notes
Drill Hall Library, main area \\\Colour02 Can print double-sided
Gillingham building, 4th floor, room G4.12 \\\Servalan  

Tonbridge campus

The printer in the Tonbridge Centre (Yoda) offers black and white and duplex printing (Web Print Service unavailable).

Other printers on campus

Academic departments may provide printers and PCs to their students and staff: these are not listed in this website and details should be requested from the relevant department.


Web print from a student PC

Prints are charged at the usual printing rate; you can print Microsoft Office, XPS and PDF documents. Most student printers are available via this service:

  2. Log in with your username in its shortest form, eg abc1
    - the service doesn't work from iPads and iPhones
    - from off campus use
  3. Click Web Print (left menu), then Submit a Job.
  4. If the printer you need is not listed, then it is not available via this service; see the next section for how to install the printer.
  5. At the bottom of the page click 2. Print Options and Account Selection.
  6. Follow the process on-screen to upload a file and print.

Adding a printer

Installing a University printer on a student PC/staff PC/any Windows PC:

  1. Find the Add a printer option for your computer
    1. Win 7 and Vista: click Start (bottom left) then in the Start Search box type printers and press the Enter key.
    2. Win 8: from the Start screen click Desktop, then the File Explorer icon (bottom left of screen) and then Computer (left  menu). Click Open Control Panel (in the ribbon at the top). Select View Devices and Printers under Hardware and Sound
  2. Click Add a Printer (near the top of the Printers window) and Next to continue
    1. Windows 7/Vista/: click Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.
    2. Windows 8/Vista: click the Stop button to stop it searching for printers.
  3. If you see it, click The printer that I want isn't listed
  4. Now locate the printer you require:
    1. From a student or staff PC: choose Find a printer in the directory and search by name or location (eg Library)
    2. Win 8/7/Vista: choose Select a shared printer by name 
    3. Enter the printer details in the following format:

      replacing server and printer details as appropriate.

  5. If asked for a username, enter your IT account username in the format ukc\abc1 replacing abc1 with your details.
  6. Click Next. Windows will now try to connect to the printer. If you see a message asking you to install a driver, click install driver.
  7. Click Next/Finish as prompted. The printer will now appear in the Printers window and is ready to use.

Staff printing

Staff printing


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