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Student email

Student email is for undergraduates, taught postgraduates and alumni/ex-staff. Read your email daily, so you don't miss important course and University messages.

Log in to email at Office 365:

Email address for current students:

Other ways to read your mail

Forward it to another email account

Log in to email, then:

  • In the top-right click the Settings icon, then Options.
  • Click connected accounts (next to the 'my account' heading).
  • Scroll down to the forwarding option and enter the email address.
  • Click start forwarding. That's it!

Phones/tablets/email software

Junk mail and attachments

Student societies

You can apply for a society email account (shared mailbox) and/or a mailing list: student society communications.

Leaving Kent?

Your email will work forever - read more about your Kentforlife email.

Email tips

Email code of conduct

You are subject to the University's IT code of conduct, including not sending or forwarding junk email, and not creating, displaying, producing or circulating material that is liable to cause offence or is obscene, abusive or defamatory. Microsoft Service Agreement.


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Last Updated: 13/07/2015