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Kent Opportunity Fund

The Kent Scholarships Campaign received fantastic support from thousands of alumni and friends of the University over the years and helped many students. The Kent Opportunity Fund, the University’s exciting new fundraising campaign, continues the excellent work of the Kent Scholarships Campaign whilst creating more support for even more students.

Since the University opened in 1965, donations from individuals and organisations have been crucial to its growth and success; helping the University to build new facilities, give scholarships to gifted students and develop new student services. As the University approaches its 50th anniversary in 2015, it needs help from its graduates, current and former staff and friends, to continue to improve the University for generations of students to come.

The Kent Opportunity Fund has been developed to increase opportunities for students at Kent, today and in the future. The University has looked at the changes to Higher Education in recent years and spoken to students, to create a Fund that offers students the support and opportunities that they really need.

The Fund builds on the excellent work of the Kent Scholarships Campaign by continuing to raise money to support postgraduate research scholarships and bursaries, whilst also spreading support wider to fund projects and activities that give hundreds of students potentially life-changing opportunities to both grow as individuals and develop new skills.

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Investing in our future

In recent years, universities and research councils across the UK have seen a drop in Government research funding. Without sufficient funding, talented postgraduate students are being put off from doing potentially world-changing research.

By supporting the Kent Opportunity Fund, you are helping the University to offer more postgraduate research scholarships to talented Kent graduates. Since it was created in 1995, the Alumni Postgraduate Research Scholarship has helped 22 exceptional graduates to do groundbreaking research, with projects in recent years contributing significantly to attempts to tackle UK gang culture and the development of a new cancer treatment. We want to continue to offer this prestigious scholarship for many years to come, and we need your help to do this.

Donate to the Kent Opportunity Fund today, and you will be working with our scholars to find long-term solutions for some of today’s toughest problems.

Alleviating hardship

Students are facing tougher financial pressures due to the increase in tuition fees and rise in living costs. Many students find it difficult to support themselves during their three or four year degrees, especially students from low-income families.

The Kent Opportunity Fund provides bursaries of between £500 and £1,000 to students who are struggling financially and need immediate help to finish their studies. When students are affected by personal tragedy, such as serious injury or a family bereavement, a bursary can help them get back on their feet.

Donate to the Kent Opportunity Fund today, and you will be offering a vital safety net to a student struggling financially.

I am incredibly grateful for this bursary which allows me to continue my studies at the University of Kent and prevents me from becoming homeless or having to leave university to find full-time employment, both of which were very real possibilities before I received my award. Without the support of either of my parents, I have no home to return to during the summer holidays. Now I will be able to afford accommodation, bills, and general living costs and will be able to return to university in September, to continue my studies, with teaching as my ultimate goal.


Providing opportunities

For a student to stand out from the crowd when they apply for jobs after graduation, they need to learn new skills and gain experiences outside their degree course.

The Student Projects Fund supports projects and activities at Kent that give students opportunities to develop their skills, confidence and career prospects. Established in 2012, the Fund has already supported a variety of projects including volunteering opportunities in the local community, career advice and support for students with autism, and vacation studentships in the NHS.

Help us to provide life-changing opportunities to hundreds more students – make a donation today!

Kent RAG students

Kent RAG at Lakeside: February 2013


Telephone appeal

e are continually amazed by the response to our telephone fundraising campaigns and the generosity shown by our alumni in support of students at Kent. The telephone appeals held since 2002 have to date generated over £350,000 for projects to support students and enrich life at the University, with hundreds of alumni selecting to give a regular donation.

In February and March this year, students will take to the phones again to speak to members of the alumni community, to talk about upcoming events, share the latest University news and developments and ask for donations. The campaign was a great success last year, with hundreds of alumni making donations and over £72,500 raised in just four weeks. The gifts received in this year’s campaign will help to fund a number of scholarships, hardship bursaries and student projects and help students like Amy, Emmanuel, Emma  and Sam.

Some of you will have spoken to a student caller this year or in the past, and perhaps made a gift. On behalf of all of the students who have benefitted from your generosity, the callers who have enjoyed some fantastic conversations and those who will be supported in the years to come, thank you.

Our 2012 appeal team of student callers

meet our callers


Donate now

To join the growing community of donors making a real difference to the lives of students at Kent, you can make your gift in the following ways:

Make a single donation

Set up a regular gift via direct debit

Donate by post or phone

Make your gift go further!

If you are paying UK income or capital gains tax, the University is able to reclaim the tax you have paid on any gift - a fantastic 25p for every pound you donate, at no cost to you!




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