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The University of Kent has many legal and moral responsibilities, not only for its staff and students, but for proper management of its estates and the activities which take place within them.

It is always our aim to encourage and promote events which will enrich the culture of the University and not to prohibit or discourage events without good reason.

Completion of this form will help the University to support your event and enable a swift and fair response to your application. If you are unsure about completion of any aspect of this form, please seek advice from the relevant University department, or your local contact who will be able to advise you whom to contact.

What is an ad hoc event?

Ad hoc events

A large number of "events" are held each year in the University. Many of these are lectures, meetings, artistic, sporting or social events, organised by academic schools, professional service departments and Kent Union, who know whether to involve the University’s Events Team, the Academic Division, Kent Hospitality, Estates, the Safety, Health and Environment Department or some other part of the University to make sure that the event happens smoothly and safely.

In addition, the University often receives requests to hold events from individuals (staff and students) who perhaps do not organise events on a regular basis, and who are uncertain about how to organise their event so that it takes place smoothly and safely. In particular, the organiser may feel that someone needs to give permission for their event to be held, but does not know who to ask. This type of event might be termed an “ad hoc” event. Examples might be someone giving out leaflets, something that involved digging holes in the ground (e.g. to erect a marquee), providing food, projecting images onto a building or organising an artistic performance, but this list is certainly not comprehensive.

This web site is designed to assist those who wish to organise “ad hoc” events in locating the correct part of the University to talk to for assistance and advice. It also gives some pointers to what additional information potential organisers might need to think about, and why.

Kent Union provide support and guidance for event planning for recognised student groups (i.e. sports clubs, societies, student committees, etc. and not all students) and such groups should contact the relevant staff member for their area.

Please fill in the details about your event below:

* Applicant type:
* Your email address:
* Please confirm your email address:
* Contact telephone number:
* What is the event?
* When do you want to hold it? Please check the University's events calendar for any clashes with your event.
* Where do you want to hold it?

* How many people are likely to attend?
We will forward the request to the most appropriate part of the University. In order for us to do this, please complete as much of the form as possible as it will help to determine how best to help with the request.
* Have you done a risk assessment for the event (If you need advice on how to carry out a risk assessment, please contact Health and Safety)
* Do you have public liability insurance to cover this event? (External applicants only)
What arrangements will be in place to marshal the event?
Does your event require construction of marquees, tents, or other structures requiring ground penetration?
If so, please give details
Who will be responsible for undertaking this work and clearing the site afterwards?
Do you require electrical services and/ or water?
Do you plan on providing food or beverages at your event?

Please note: There are a number of University procedures and regulations related to both the provision and selling of food and beverages at the University of Kent. Please contact who will guide you on these regulations. Please note food enquiries need to be made 72hrs in advance of your event. Licensing enquiries (if you plan on serving or selling alcohol at your event) need to be made a minimum of two weeks prior to the event in order that the correct licences/permissions can be obtained.
If waste will be generated, what arrangements will be in place for collection and disposal?
Do you have any of the following at your event:
  • A performance of a play,
  • An exhibition of a film,
  • An indoor sporting event,
  • A boxing or wrestling entertainment (both indoors and outdoors),
  • A performance of live music,
  • Any playing of recorded music, or
  • A performance of dance.

Please note: These activities are regulated under the licensing Act 2003 and the appropriate licenses must be in place/acquired prior to your event, please contact in order to obtain the correct permissions to proceed with your event.
Are you proposing to have fireworks?
What arrangements will be in place for fire protection?
What arrangements will be in place for first aid?
How will the event be advertised and are you expecting there to be media coverage?
Are you able to provide notices directing traffic and pedestrians if the event is approved?

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