Transport issues - Canterbury campus

Staff and students are reminded that the outer Sports Field and Pavilion car parks are open and that they may also park their cars at Park Wood. Additional spaces for staff with pink permits have been created along the access road to the Research and Development Centre in Park Wood Road.

Please have a look at this map showing all of the car parks on the Canterbury campus.

Those who have concerns about walking from the outlying car parks during the winter evenings may ask Campus Watch for a walking escort.

Alternative methods of transport

For several years the University has negotiated a significantly reduced price for annual Megarider season tickets for staff and this price has been maintained for the coming academic year. Staff may also opt to pay for these by monthly payroll deduction. These are available only from the Estates Department.

The University also subsidises Unirider reduced price bus tickets for students and an improved frequency Stagecoach service via the distinctive yellow and black Unibuses.