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Starting a new business venture is exciting and rewarding, but also full of challenges which is especially true for current students and recent graduates. The Kent Enterprise Hub offers a range of services to help potential entrepreneurs develop and get the most out of their ideas.

Located at the heart of the Kent campus, the University of Kent’s business incubation and support unit is devoted to helping current student, graduate and staff start-up ventures and early stage companies to increase survival rates.

We provide business support services to our incubator companies, as well as flexible office space and laboratory accommodation (where available). Companies also get access to University expertise, planning help and networking opportunities with the wider business community. Get in touch to find out more about the Enterprise Hub at Kent by emailing or by telephone: +44 (0)1227 824641.

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The incubator unit is for innovative start-up ventures, and offers a competitive all-inclusive rent. The package includes a central reception and communal office equipment, 24-hour access, security and parking.

Our air-conditioned office space is divided into rooms perfect for start-up sizes, alongside wet and dry laboratories. Companies also benefit from high speed Broadband and a telephone answering service.

As a Hub tenant, you can access University of Kent facilities including the sports centre, library, restaurants, nursery and medical centre, meeting and conference rooms, e-learning workstations and interactive presentation equipment. Get in touch to find out more about becoming an Enterprise Hub tenant.

Current start-ups

The Enterprise Hub works with a range of student, graduate and staff companies in a variety of ways.

AlgaeCytes has been established to commercialise the next generation of algae technologies using nutrient-rich recovered waters and carbon dioxide from industrial processes.

The Company has developed processes to produce algae products based on carefully selecting appropriate, proprietary algae strains and adapting them .naturally for high carbohydrate content or for high lipid content and particularly, Omega 3. the founders Dr Naz Bashir and Dr John Dodd are both graduates from the University of Kent.

For more information about AlgaeCytes, visit their website at:


Argenta is a gene-to-structure biotech company based in the South East of the UK. With decades of experience in the application of structure-based drug design in the pharmaceutical industry, we are ideally placed to supply or augment your structural biology needs.

Argenta provides a range of crystallographic and biophysical techniques, such as SPR and ITC, using tailored biological reagents to accelerate your understanding of compound-target interactions. Argenta is based in Biosciences at the University of Kent in Canterbury.


Aspreys Chartered Certified Accountants are a small, friendly, three-partner qualified general tax and accountancy practice.

Aspreys services include helping start-up businesses get it right, established businesses to develop and grow and help them with accounts preparation and tax filing. Aspreys also offer business and planning consultancy on site.

Business ethics is at the heart of Aspreys, with one of the partners teaching Ethics at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Accounting, with tax, is Aspreys core service and partner Duncan Finn is a lecturer in accounting also at Kent. Julia Hannon is our partner with a focus on financial and management accounts.

Aspreys support you in resolving all your tax and financial concerns. Aspreys also offer PAYE and VAT services. Do ask.

For more information, please contact Julia Hannon on 07955 345 383.

AYuLink Co. Ltd

AYuLink Co. Ltd educates and brings foreign students to academic institutions in the UK. Its aim is to help students gain sustainable competitiveness.

AYuLink Co. Ltd also assists training companies to create new courses and workshops on business strategy, marketing, CSR, leadership and other business related subjects, and is proud of its strong business network to cater any demand from clients.

For more information about AYuLink Co. Ltd, telephone 07730 280 564 or email

Bioenergy Services Ltd

Bioenergy Services Limited (BESL) specialises in bringing together technical, market expertise and project management skills for the development and delivery of bioenergy solutions to enhance crop yields (agriculture, forestry, horticulture and biofuels crops), liquid biofuels generation and providing economically sound renewable energy solutions. BESL has a network of partnerships in the renewable energy sector where it can draw on the necessary skills for providing the right solution for your needs.

For more information about BESL, please go to:


CarsFromKent is the perfect place to advertise your used vehicles.

We put your cars in front of 1000s of people where it counts... right here in Kent.

Visit us today at:

Current Conservation and Community Interest Company (CCCIC)

Current Conservation and Community Interest Company (CCCIC) is a social enterprise that uses online technology to help conserve nature.

CCCIC projects focus on raising awareness about conservation issues and building the capacity of conservationists, making their lives easier and their work more effective.

This is achieved by developing web-based social networks, which let nature reserves share information and build links between their staff, visitors and neighbours; and by developing online games, which let conservation practitioners, students and the public learn more about balancing the needs of wildlife and people.


Enrich Satellite is a B2B provider of digital entertainment content delivered via satellite internet services.

Initially Enrich will be available to the off shore maritime industry but has ambitions to quickly expand to industries where employees and contractors have no fixed line internet access.  

To find out more go to or email Ray Brough at

FortiTo logo

FortiTo (pronounced 42) designs and produces rapid prototyping technology for education, industrial R&D, product innovation and the toy market.

The core technology, BuzzBoards, is a modular embedded computing system that enables people to rapidly create novel products by plugging together hardware and software modules. BuzzBoards simplify and speed-up product development.

For more information, visit


Hair Extensions Kent is a mobile hair extensions company covering the whole of Kent. Fitting high quality remy hair, Hair Extensions Kent is now one of the leading mobile hair extensionist in Kent.

For more information visit:
Or telephone 01227 656 506.

Lab Tools Ltd

Lab-Tools Ltd specialises in nano-science, nano-metrology and instrumentation design:


  • The study of the nano-scale properties of liquids in pores and at interfaces;
  • Application of the Gibbs equations to the nano-scale dynamics of liquids/ ices;
  • Neutron Diffraction Cryoporometry to study crystal phases.


  • Bulk nano-scale to micro-scale structural characterisation;
  • NMR Cryoporometry to measure pore-size distributions, surface areas and pore volumes;
  • Neutron Scattering SANS & modelling techniques to measure nano-structural dimensions.


  • USB interfaced instruments based on VLSI, FPGAs and array-processing software.

For more information about Lab-Tools Ltd, visit their website at

Machuan Education logo

Machuan Education provides professional tuition in maths and in Chinese language from beginning to advanced levels. We also provide supports in maths and in Chinese for enterprises.

For more information about Machuan Education, visit their website at

Metrarc Ltd

Metrarc Ltd exploits highly novel and promising technology for deriving secure encryption keys from the properties of digital systems, addressing a major area in the cyber security domain which is currently recognised as a major inhibitor to the further economic expansion of online services.

It has developed a family of solutions for increasing the security of e-commerce and m-commerce transactions providing enhancements to Trusted Computing hardware using a technology termed ICmetrics.

ICMetrics represents a revolutionary new Trusted Computing approach that avoids storage of root-of-trust encryption keys by creating them on demand based on measurable properties and features of the computer itself. ICMetrics is essentially the computer equivalent of biometrics, and has the advantage that no keys are stored. However, unlike traditional biometrics, unique templates are not needed to create the final encryption key therefore the approach is significantly more secure than conventional encryption techniques, including those incorporating biometrics.

For more information about Metrarc Ltd, visit their website at:


Navarino UK is a satellite communications organisation, developing and providing a wide range of competitively priced, quality communications products and services to the merchant shipping, oil and gas, defence and aeronautical industries on a worldwide basis.

Navarino UK is the newest member of the Navarino Telecom family, with offices now in Greece, Cyprus, Norway, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore, alongside a steadily growing international resellers' network. As a strategic partner of Inmarsat plc., (the worlds largest and longest established communications satellite operator) Navarino Telecom has a client base consisting of more than 500 shipping companies, representing nearly 4000 vessels.

Navarino UK is also a distributor of INFINITY, the most advanced maritime bandwidth management and optimisation solution that can be used on ships equipped with any type of satellite communications systems, including, but not limited to, Inmarsat FleetBroadband and Global Express solutions as well as or other maritime VSAT systems (Ka, Ku or C-band).

For more information, please contact Ray Brough at on 01227 70964 or on our website

The Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute (PVRI) is a non-profit international and independent medical research organisation devoted to increasing the awareness and knowledge of pulmonary vascular diseases, and to facilitating advances in the treatment of affected people worldwide.

PVRI activities incorporate the traditional triad of research, education, and clinical care, with research focusing on pulmonary vascular disease and heart failure, and education and clinical care targeting countries with healthcare disparities.

PVRI faculty consists of volunteers with academic careers in pulmonary vascular medicine and related fields whose expertise leads them to conduct basic and translational clinical research at a level that no single academic institution could accomplish. The faculty also provides leadership to foster progress in a way that best serves the academic community and patients, particularly in underserved areas of the world.

Though the membership base extends worldwide, the PVRI office is situated in Canterbury, Kent, UK, and is housed by Managing Director Ghazwan Butrous and Executive Administrator Nikki Krol.

For more information about PVRI, visit their website at:

SimplyHair logo

SimplyHair is an online retailer specialising in hair extension products. We stock luxury AAA grade Indian Remy Hair, specialist after-care products, accessories and tools.

We only stock Indian Remy hair owing to its supreme quality and concentrate on the friendliest forms of extension application such as micro rings.

For more information, visit our website at:

SureCare East Kent logo


Recruiting now!

SureCare East Kent, is a subsidiary of SureCare, the UK’s leading provider of person-centred care and support.


Our four main areas of expertise are:

  1. Home Services - Our staff can carry out a number of household tasks, designed to help keep your home safe, comfortable and welcoming.
  2. Personal care and support - We help many of our clients get ready to face the day. From helping them to look their best, through to assisting with medication.
  3. Childcare - We provide the UK’s leading one-stop-shop for quality care solutions – from birth onwards.
  4. Holiday care support - Ranging from half day to full day care packages, short break, residential and longer holiday packages. SureCare’s holiday care is ideal for when your existing carer is on annual leave, or for when you wish to take a carer, or companion, on holiday with you.

For further information, or if you are interested in applying for a position, please contact Raj Jayaram or Zola Mangcotywa on 01227 200582
or email

Alternatively visit

Survival Arts logo

Survival Arts is a social enterprise linked to the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology.

They make printed eco-textiles for interiors featuring endangered and little-known flora and fauna.

Survival Arts use their profits to support conservation such as their inaugural collaboration with the Short-Haired Bumblebee Conservation Project.
For more information, visit:


uTargeting is a digital marketing agency specialising in search engine and social media marketing.

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes, helping them achieve their online objectives.

We're also the first carbon negative digital marketing agency.

For more information about uTargeting, visit their website at: or email them at:

Venomtech is a unique biotechnology company specialising in production of research grade venoms and biologicals specifically aimed at facilitating biological research and drug discovery in the UK, and with global reach.

It was founded by Steve Trim, a Biosciences Graduate from the University of Kent. As well as key products they can also source second hand lab equipment and are leading the way in safe working practices in their field and their scientific publications are winning many awards.

For more information about Venomtech, visit their website at:

VisionMetric Forensic Imaging develops and supplies software and training to international police forces that have been instrumental in solving many crimes.

Our generated facial composite products, EFIT-V and E-FIT, are the preferred choice of 90% of British police forces. These are also used in over 30 countries around the world.

For more information about VisionMetric, visit their website at:

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