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Being the first institution in the UK to set up an MA in gender studies, the University of Kent, has a long and distinguished tradition of research and teaching in this field. 

The Centre for Gender, Sexuality and Writing promotes research in this area by seminars, postgraduate reading groups, poetry readings, colloquia and conferences. Along with other staff in the School of English, we offer supervision in a range of gender related studies from the medieval and early modern period to contemporary writing. The Centre was set up as a focus and stimulant for gender studies in the School of English and amongst Faculty members.  

The Centre has a new leadership team (Drs Cox and Cregan-Reid) appointed Summer 2012. We are in the process of reinvigorating and reactivating the Centre as the Faculty’s flagship forum for research on gender and sexuality. We now have PhD students attached to the Centre and dynamic plans for a variety of events (including an exhibition, international conferences, a thrice-termly reading group, an new cross-faculty MA, and continuing international associations with other research centres).

In September 2009 Marilyn Hacker took up a residency here at Kent, sponsored by the Centre, which led to a revival of the prestigious T.S. Eliot lecture which she gave in October 2009. With the Centre for Studies in the Long 18C and MEMS, we sponsored Jennie Batchelor’s series of workshops on ‘Writing Women’s Literary History: Problems and Possibilities’ in 2009-10; we also supported Stella Bolaki’s recent and well-attended film and cultural festival, ‘Audre Lorde’s Legacy’ at the Women’s Library in London in May 2012.

In February 2011, we forged new international links in sponsoring PhD students Kim Simpson and Victoria Bennet to go to the Feminist Theory Workshop at Duke University (with support from Internationalisation funds). Further national and international links were developed in Summer 2011, as we supported Mr Guray Teczn from the University of Istanbul as a Visiting Training Fellow to write an essay of his own devising on ‘Achieving gender equality through woman’s sexual liberation’; this led to his pursuing of a Masters at Birkbeck. 




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