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Oral Health Education - WL516

This module is not running this academic year.


Oral Health Education is central to effective prevention strategies and is considered the best way to eradicate dental decay as a public health issue. This module aims to examine the theoretical aspects of oral education in relation to evidence based preventative dentistry. The module will allow students an opportunity to evaluate current practice, as well as develop and deliver contemporary oral health education strategies and interventions which will contribute to promotion oral health and well being.


This module appears in:



Contact hours

40 hours lectures

Method of assessment

100% coursework consisting of: • 1,500 word essay • Updated Portfolio of Evidence • Reflective Journal. • Updated Personal Development Portfolio

Preliminary reading

  • Blinkhorn, AS. (2001) Notes on Oral Health, 5th Edition. Eden Bianchi Press, Manchester. (ISBN- 978-1898274209)
  • Department of Health., British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry. (2007) Delivering Better Oral Health; An Evidence Based Toolkit For Prevention.
  • Department of Health. (2005) Choosing Better Oral Health. London, Department of Health Publications.
  • Felton.A,, Chapman, A., Felton,S. (2009) Oral Health Education and Promotion. Chichester , Wiley-Blackwell. (ISBN- 978-1405161626)
  • Levine, RS., Stillman-Lowe, CR., (2004) The Scientific Basis of Oral Health Education. London, BDJ Books. (ISBN-978-0904588842)
  • Office for National Statistics. (2000) Adult Dental Health Survey (1998): Oral Health in the United Kingdom, 1998. Stationery Office Books, London. (ISBN- 978-0116212689)
  • Office for National Statistics. (2004) 2003 Dental Health Survey of Children and Young People. Stationery Office Books, London

See the library reading list for this module (Canterbury)

Learning outcomes

  • A fundamental understanding of selected aspects of dental anatomy, dental diseases, oral conditions and behaviour associated to the delivery of effective evidence based oral health educational messages within an interdisciplinary Primary Dental Care (PDC) setting.
  • A critical understanding of theoretical concepts, literature, research and epidemiology significant to oral health and well- being; analysing inequalities and sociological, economic, cultural, environmental, behavioural, dietary and life-stage factors.
  • A fundamental understanding of how attitudes, values, beliefs, perception and constraints influence communication and the ability to develop and apply patient centred oral health communication strategies and educational treatment interventions within PDC setting.
  • Analyse and evaluate the relationship of educational principles on the provision and delivery of ethical oral health care education messages within PDC.
  • Assess, apply, deliver and evaluate oral health education messages for a selected patient population which may include; individual or groups, children, adolescents, young adults, adults, special needs groups, elderly.
  • Demonstrate an ability to reflect constructively, evaluate and develop own ability related to the delivery of oral health education.
  • Evaluate contemporary theoretical sources of oral health educational services, information, literature and guidelines available to Dental Care Professional (DCP) to support evidence based prevention, control and promotion of oral health.


No pre-requisites

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