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Stand-Up: Comedy Club - DR815

Location Term Level Credits (ECTS) Convenor 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Canterbury Autumn and Spring 7
Undergraduate or postgraduate masters level module
30 (15) Dr O J Double active active active

The information below applies to the 2015-16 session


The module will provide a thorough exploration of stand-up comedy techniques at the forefront of professional discipline. Students will create and perform short routines, which they will use in regular performances in the low-key public context of Monkeyshine, a weekly comedy club set up for this purpose. As well as giving them a good deal of stage experience and allowing them to build up a body of tried and tested material, this will also give them the space to experiment and develop an individual voice, showing original approaches to stand-up.


This module appears in:


Contact hours

Between one and three 4-hour practical classes per week; one performance per week (which you will perform in or provide technical support for)



Method of assessment

Series of short performances (100%)

Preliminary reading

  • •    Allen, Tony, Attitude: Wanna Make Something Of It?, Glastonbury: Gothic Image, 2002
    •    Barker, Clive, ‘The “Image” in Show Business’, Theatre Quarterly, Vol. VIII, No. 29, Spring 1978, pp.7-11
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    •    Lee, Stewart, How I Escaped my Certain Fate: The Life and Deaths of a Stand-Up Comedian, London: Faber & Faber, 2010
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    •    Mintz, L.E., ‘Standup Comedy as Social and Cultural Mediation’, American Quarterly, Vol. 37, No. 1, Spring 1985, pp.71-80

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Learning outcomes

  • After completing the module, students should be able to: - Deploy advanced skills in performing stand-up comedy - Deploy advanced skills in writing and/or devising stand-up comedy material - Demonstrate the development of an individual voice in their work, showing original approaches to stand-up comedy material and performance.


No pre-requisites

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