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Jul 31
13:00 - 14:30
Shut Up And Write!
Writing group for PGs and Postdocs

Struggling to get those pesky words down on paper? Come along to…Shut Up And Write!

Whatever you’re writing, whether it’s a thesis chapter, grant application, lit review, journal article, research proposal, essay, code, book review, that novel you’ve always had in you… SUAW offers a supportive and only slightly coercive place to do it.

Here’s how it works: We book a room and put (free!) tea, coffee and cookies in it. You arrive, armed with notes/ideas/paper/pens/laptop/inspiration. You have 15 minutes to drink coffee, chat, eat cookies and arrange a space. Then the first countdown starts at 30 mins. Silence. You write. You feel the silent judgement if you’re not tapping/scribbling away. You see everyone else writing and feel guilty if you are not. This compels you to write more. The timer ends, you have 15 mins to refill your coffee, stretch, exchange witty repartee; and off we go again for another 30 mins. The timer ends, you have written things, you feel marvellous. You vow to return re-inspired.

The rules:

1. During the writing periods, no talking, leaving or swearing at your notes allowed. The occasional wistful sigh at the vagaries of your muse is OK.

2. Mobile phones must be switched off and put away.

3. If you’re using a laptop/iPad/electronic whatever, you must switch off your wifi/internet access and use it ONLY for writing.

We meet on the last Wednesday of every month - all PGs, Postdocsand ECRs welcome!

It’s anti-procrastinatory. It’ll force you to put words on paper. Whether or not you edit them into oblivion later, it’s an achievement.

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Grimond Building,
The University of Kent,
United Kingdom


Open to Open to all Postgraduate students and Postdocs, Free

Contact: Hannah Perrin
University of Kent


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