Room contents at the Canterbury campus

All rooms are provided with the following:
Bed with mattress, mattress protector and one pillow (no pillow in Woolf College rooms) Chest of drawers Noticeboard and bookshelves
Bedside cabinet Desk with drawers Fitted carpet
Wardrobe Desk chair Curtains
Some rooms contain a non-standard size bed and size of bedding required is indicated in the table below.
  • All rooms in Darwin, Eliot and Rutherford Colleges, Lypeatt and Purchas Courts at Park Wood and some rooms in Darwin Houses have a basin in the room.
  • All en suite rooms have a shower, toilet and basin with mirror.
Bedding size required: Location:
Standard single (for 6 ft 3 ins length single beds)
  • Darwin College
  • Darwin Houses
  • Rutherford College
  • Tyler Court (blocks A and B only)
  • Eliot College
  • Becket Court - specific standard rooms, nos 8, 27, 101, 109, 130, 210 and 232 (all other standard rooms require an oversize single pack)
  • Keynes College (not self-catered accommodation)
  • Park Wood Houses - all rooms at Grimshill, Purchas, Lypeatt
  • Park Wood Houses - room E only at Bishopden, Homestall, Willows, Marley, Farthings, Tudor (all other rooms in these Houses require an oversize single pack)
  • Park Wood Flats - Bossenden, Kemsdale, Nickle
Oversize single (for 7 ft length single beds)
  • Becket Court - most standard rooms (except rooms 8, 27, 101, 109, 130, 210 and 232, which all require a standard single pack)
  • Keynes Flats (blocks P, Q, R, S) - standard rooms
  • Keynes Houses - rooms T1 to T5
  • Park Wood Houses - all rooms at Clowes, Thornden, Denstead, Ellenden
  • Park Wood Houses - rooms A-D only at Bishopden, Homestall, Willows, Marley, Farthings, Tudor (room E in all these Houses requires a standard single pack)
  • Park Wood Flats - Stock
  • Turing College - standard rooms
Oversize double (for 7 ft length double beds)
  • Keynes Flats (blocks P, Q, R, S) - large rooms
  • Keynes Houses - T6 to T10
  • Turing College - large and extra large rooms
Standard double (for 6 ft 3 in length double beds)
  • Becket Court - large rooms
  • Tyler Court (block C only)
You can either bring your own bedding, or purchase a bedding pack and other items from our online store.


In self-catered accommodation, the kitchens have:
Cooker with oven, hob and 4 burners Microwave oven Vacuum cleaner
Sink with drainer Kettle Rubbish bin
Fridge freezer(s) Limited amount of crockery and cutlery Mop and bucket
Dining table and chairs Iron and ironing board Broom, dustpan and brush
Please note that kitchens in Woolf College are not provided with crockery or cutlery.


In Rutherford, Eliot and Keynes Colleges (not self-catered accommodation), the kitchenette areas have:
Sink with drainer Fridge Kettle Microwave
The kitchenette areas can be used to prepare hot drinks and light snacks but are not suitable for the preparation of full meals.


Essential items to bring with you include:
Bedding Towels Tea towels
Saucepans and cooking utensils Food storage containers Headphones for any music equipment
Please do not bring any additional furniture with you.


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Last Updated: 21/03/2014